Nicholas Kusmich

Market Like It's 2018 (not 1999) - How to grow any business using Digital Advertising, and be profitable from day one.

Nicholas Kusmich is the Founder of the H2H Media Group and the Marketers Council and creator of The Art Of Lead Generation. He is widely known as the world's leading Facebook advertising strategist and for having the highest ROI's in the industry. He recently authored a book and leads social media campaigns for major clients including top NYT Best Selling Authors, Inc. 5000 and fast growth companies.

Shane Gibson

The Exponential Influencer - How to build a magnetic personal brand using digital/social selling tools

Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author who is a widely sought after thought leader on the topics of social selling and digital marketing. Blogging since 2002 and podcasting since 2004, Shane drives the majority of his business from social media. He has been published in numerous publications as an authority on the topics of leadership, marketing, social media, and sales performance. Some of these publications include CMA Magazine, the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail, and Profit Magazine.

Robert Burko

Leveraging a Digital Marketing ToolBox to Achieve Your Goal

Robert Burko is CEO and Founder of Elite Digital, one of Canada's leading digital marketing agencies. As a thought-leader in the industry, Burko has appeared on national television, radio, podcasts, and in countless print publications and blogs across North America, in addition to speaking at international events. An expert on all things digital, Burko has a passion for inspiring those around him and helping business owners achieve their goals and reach new heights through the power of digital marketing.

Francis Gosselin

Best Practices in Content Creation, Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing

Francis Gosselin is the president of FG8 Consulting, as well as an author, public speaker, blogger and ambassador of the C2-MTL business conference. He has worked around the world helping companies achieve their growth goals. Francis has also acted as the editor-in-chief of various digital publications and built countless digital marketing campaigns for clients.

Jacob Kettner

Digital Marketing and Your Business: How To Be Found Online in 2018

Jacob Kettner has been in the digital marketing space for 13 years and currently runs the top SEO agency in Winnipeg. While this statement may be subjective, if you search Google for "Winnipeg SEO", you will find Jacob's agency, First Rank, at the top of the results. He's a strong believer that there isn't one digital marketing strategy that is right for all businesses, and it should be looked at from a holistic perspective. In addition, Jacob is a partner in SerpForce, a program designed to train and help SEO agency owners.

Darian Kovacs

Digital Tips, Tools and Tactics to Help Grow Your Business in 2018

Darian Kovacs, founder of award winning company Jelly Marketing, has worked with various local, national and global brands on how to create a social media plan for their business. He's been featured in BC Business magazine, Notable, Business in Vancouver and on the Canada Post training circuit for Small Business owners. Being both an educator and practitioner, Darian's mix of stories, practical examples and takeaways leaves audiences feeling inspired and equipped to implement Social Media and PR strategies into their organizations.

Bram Warshafsky

Inbound Marketing: Leveraging Content and the Right Tools to Grow Your Business.

Named as one of 2014's "Top 30 under 30" by Marketing Magazine, Bram Warshafsky is a founder and partner at 5Crowd, a Toronto startup that connects marketing departments with online freelancers. Before 5Crowd, Bram held various brand management and digital marketing roles at Johnson & Johnson. He is a graduate of Queen's School of Business and appears frequently as a marketing speaker. He also teaches the highly-rated Marketing Strategy Class at George Brown College in Toronto.

Tom Yawney

How To Attract Customers & Build Online Communities

Tom Yawney is a writer, speaker, and digital media strategist. Since 2010, Tom has helped hundreds of companies build their online presence through digital marketing and advertising. The plans he creates typically include some combination of web development, SEO, local search, PPC, social media, social advertising, display, influencer marketing, and online review generation.

Paul Teitelman

Navigating The Digital Marketing Landscape: How Small Businesses Can Succeed Online

Paul runs an SEO consulting firm specializing in helping companies of all sizes grow their businesses through online marketing tactics. As an acclaimed SEO expert and link building freelancer with over 10 years of experience, he is also a frequent speaker on SEO, website building and marketing for SMBs. He is extremely passionate about the practice of search engine optimization and link building; successfully carving out a reputation for himself in the industry by consistently delivering phenomenal results.

Katelyn Bourgoin

The Octopus Funnel Method: Learn how to attract and convert more qualified leads using automated marketing funnels

Katelyn is a marketing consultant, having successfully grown three businesses, including RedRiot which was acquired. She focuses her time on helping companies understand their customer and market effectively to them. From the basics of web design, to eCommerce to Google analytics, she speaks regularly to audiences to help them understand where their business needs to be and what tools can drive them to that point.

Dan Fricker

Connecting The Dots: How To Bridge Search & Social With Your Website

Dan has worked in social media since 2009, from the early rise of Facebook as an emerging marketing channel, to the ever-changing landscape of today. He is a marketer focused on engaging online audiences and connecting people with brands. Dan has developed strategies for some of Canada's most influential brands, including CBC, TELUS and CTV. He's currently leading the Social Media team at Shopify and teaching a class on Social Marketing Strategy at the University of Toronto.

Amanda Wilhelm

Digital Marketing For Small and Medium Businesses: A Holistic Approach

Amanda began her career as a Calgary Small Business Owner. Her passions immediately grew towards Marketing and Sales. Her current role is Marketing Director for one of North America's fastest growing digital agencies, and the Chamber of Commerce's Agency on Record. Her expertise ranges from Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), User Experience, SEO, AdWords and Paid Digital Ads, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Video Production and Management, Traditional Advertising and creating annual Marketing Budgets with aggressive sales targets and KPI's.

Christian Lunny

How to Garner Attention and Engagement From the New Consumer in 2018s

Christian Lunny is a creative leader and a born nonconformist entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Musi, the tenth largest music streaming service with 2.5 million monthly active users, ranking consistently top 100 in the Apple App Store for the past 2 years. He is also the founder of Dash Agency, a digital agency, storytelling and building for the largest consumer brands across North America. In 2015 Christian was featured in Marketing Magazine's top 30 under 30, and in 2016 was listed on Canadian Businesses Change Agents list.

Derek Leung

What is your "Brand Story"? Why Storytelling Is The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Derek has a diverse skillset and almost a decade of experience from web design, SEO, digital marketing to social media, video & photo production and communication design. He helped established one of Vancouver's leading web design & development company, WittyCookie, and assisted in serving over 1,500 small to medium sized businesses globally. Derek is currently providing consultations with businesses and partnering with other consulting firms in helping $1M+ enterprise clients grow in digital marketing.